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Security Company Reviews TexasWelcome to Private Security Reviews, a niche review site just for the security sector. Our site was designed to help everyone in the private security industry within the state of Texas, and give customers and potential customers of security businesses/services a place to go for information.

There are many review sites found all over the Internet these days, but this is the only review site we know of that is specifically for the private security industry and within the state of Texas. This site contains five basic categories: Security Companies, Security Training, Gun Stores, Shooting Ranges, and Security Equipment. Please feel free to add a company not yet listed or review a business you have had experience with that you want to share – good or bad.

Security Services Reviews for Guards, Businesses, and Clients

Most consumers today factor online reviews very heavily into their decision-making process prior to purchasing, contracting, or working with a company. 

For business owners and managers, a review site does not have to be something that you fear, unless you are operating a questionable or poorly run business, in which a review site will truly serve its purpose and warn customers and future employees about your business or product(s). On the other hand, if you’re operating correctly and you’ve got a good thing going, positive reviews will make potential customers feel comfortable and more secure about their decision to contract with your services or buy your product(s). 

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  A Site that Benefits Businesses Private Security Reviews

We fully support a business in disputing any review they wish to challenge without major red tape, a court order, or a lengthy process like most other online review sites require. You do not have to set up an account or pay a fee to post; however, if your review, post, or listing is challenged by Private Security Reviews.com or the business itself, and you refuse to cooperate with the process or are unable to provide proof of your claims, your review may be automatically taken down to the benefit of the business (which is a higher protection standard offered to businesses than any online review site on the internet offers).

While some review sites seem to foster bad reviews then treat the affected business as a criminal, we have gone completely in the other direction here with our process. Although we encourage fair reviews, we will not post any profanity or comments where a specific “person” is mentioned by name, or anything from anonymous reviewers, or obvious bogus information. 


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This site, which is meant to be used as an informational tool by many, works well if you participate and share your experience. Most of you may have used gun ranges, equipment, gone through a training academy, or worked for a security company – don’t be afraid to share your experience with others. 

We ask that all business reviews be in one of our listed categories and that the business be located or operating in Texas only. For business owners that know about Search Engine Optimization, this site could be a big boost to your listing with a strong backlink and click-throughs from our site to yours. You are more than welcome to place a link on your site directing customers here to see your reviews.  

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