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8000 Pencre Park drive #370, Austin, TX 78554
Security Guard Services 


Fred Silvers-one star rating


IS THIS A SCAM ?  Ok so I attend security training (non-Commission & Commission) at a state licensed training academy here in the Austin, TX area and got my certificates of competition from the school. I go to Allied Barton to apply for position they are advertising as open and the manger there told me an a friend of mine that came the following day the same story which was: “Those class certificates are not good here, you will have to pay and take our classes”. I explained that the school I went to is licensed with DPS and in good standing on their website- again I got the same response. Telling me my certificates are no good when they are to get me to PAY for their classes I think is not right and might even be unethical. I have filed a report with DPS and I encourage others to as well. You cannot turn me away because you don’t like what school I went to when it is DPS approved. 

Gary Brunson-one star rating

Bait and Switch game.These people bait you in with good offers and then switch things up. They tell you the that the pocket cards you were issued from Texas DPS is no good because all the certifications you have are nothing unless you attend the training they provide and they will deduct the cost of the training from your paycheck. You apply for a level IV or III position and they place you in a level II position telling you that they only promote from within and that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder.
REALLY?!  You have to be kidding me. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) check into the companies you apply for because there are allot of companies out there doing the same thing.  Unfortunately they are missing out on some very highly skilled and experienced individuals with unique skills that can make their companies prosper.
I’ve come to learn that Bend Over Here It Comes Again (BOHICA) applies to many of these shady companies.  Don’t waste your time with this company.