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1104 South Mays Street #216 
Round Rock, Tx 78665
Security Guard and Patrol Service 

Mathew Geer-one star rating

Ok where do I start ? How many times are these guys going to change names, change owners, managers, swap names and place companies in wife’s names or friend’s name?  I mean they were: AMERICORE SECURITY AGENCY, AMERICORE SECURITY SOLUTIONS, BLACKSHEILD SECURITY, /BLACKSHIELD TRAINING, TX SPECIAL MISSION GROUP ( lol)  and Now MPG SECURITY. None of which did anything above or at standard btw. Don’t believe me -go on DPS website, follow the trail of the leadership you will see them jump from one to the next as soon as one is closed down (the facts don’t lie). These guys have spawned many sub-standard companies started by their ex-employees all under-trained and under educated- as such their companies too appear to run down the same sorry road. I would never hire them or work there at all. I also see some of their leadership now jumped to Champion Security Systems  security ?= nice.

 Guss Martinez-one star rating

Can I give a zero star? I saw a few of the posts and had to leave a comment lol . What’s up with this company going around low-balling bids for security officers at $12.00/hour and lower? -Really? And what are you paying your guards (if they are paid on time)?  I have personally seen personal (non-payroll checks) issued to employees, no taxes taken out several times, pay checks late, massive deductions, a list of excuses why the guards are paid late, and let’s also point out they call everyone in Austin to help them run or install their camera jobs that they obviously cannot handle. Prior post is correct- this is a small industry and their reputation is very bad and well known. 

D. Willams- one star rating


I worked for one of the three names years ago, worst experience of my life. Open posts and paying guards late are a norm. Worst place I worked for .