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13499 US Hwy 183 Florence, TX 76527
Shooting Range

Mark Michels-one star rating

I know many I’m sure will leave great reviews however, I’m glad I get to share my story. We took some clients there last year to shoot and they were very disorganized as far as scheduling and pricing. Once we arrived the owner told us “ I went on your website, checked your prices and your making some good money” (which was very strange and who does that?)- he then while we were there tried to raise prices on us as clients were already rolling from Austin ( I felt hustled). He said he was making range improvements and wanted to double our normal rate which is not posted for the tactical bays. He then demanded a company license and insurance and wanted to know who all the owners were in the company (a little too deep for a range I felt) which went way past us renting a bay (which we have done before without issue). License and company insurance yet rent bays and allow hundreds of shooters monthly through the door without asking them anything but their name?  Later I find out he is friends with a competitor (firearms instructors) and some type of joint arrangement was made (it all came together). Bottom line the experience was as stated and unprofessional, we have not been back sense and will not return, as we don’t need to be questioned and have our company crawled through just to shoot (nothing to hide- but not the point). We take our steady business to another range twice month that loves our money.

 Brett Jones-one star rating

I was not impressed (sorry). It provides the purpose, but nothing compared to Best -of-The-West range in Liberty Hill.