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Security Company ReviewsNeed to add a company, update an existing post, or submit a review? Please fill out the form on the bottom of the home page which goes right to the webmaster and allow 24 hours to one week for an update.

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 Keep in mind, not all negative reviews are untrue; however, if your business has received a negative review and you feel it is untrue or inaccurate, as stated on our home page, we are here to benefit all businesses. Simply fill out a form and/or send in an email and dispute it; we will pull it while we review it, and if it violates our T.O.S., puts anyone at risk, or cannot be verified to our satisfaction, we are more than happy to remove it for you.

Private Security Reviews does not profit from reviews or posts left on this site; that being said, we will remove any bogus reviews on your behalf. Since our launch several months ago, we have removed a total of 17 bogus reviews once challenged, but the key here is the company needs to challenge them – this is a faster response to the businesses than Yelp, Google, Bing or Angie’s’ List has ever offered a business.   

If you have a comment or review that exceeds our form – not a problem; after you fill out the form, also send an email with your full comment. We may have to cut some of it down for space if it is too long.

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