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Firearms and Ammunition 
Address is dependent on a retailer’s location – search their site map for local retailer.

 Walter Giggs-one star rating

Not a place I would go to buy any weapons for duty. The entire store is overpriced and their gun counter is focused on hunter-type weapons. Their shotguns are sad, and you won’t find any AR’s ( that I saw), no duty holsters, etc. Shop elsewhere guys for your stuff.


Tommy Knowles-one star rating

Not the place to shop for duty weapons and too expensive. I would not even buy any weapons there, ammo is high too. I don’t get their store- they are not even attracting real gun buyers- all mid level firearms to beginners and too high for a 1st gun. 

Gregg OKieth-one star rating

Who buys firearms or ammo there ? Not me lol way too high and not worth it. I wish I could give a negative star LOL. And glad to find this review site btw