Mission Patrol Security

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Mission Patrol Security (aka ES K-9 LLC)

802 Sisssom Rd # 3 Killeen TX, 76541
Security Guard and Patrol Service



Mario Valdez- one star rating

Low Budget and hanging by a thread says it all.   Don’t be fooled by the DPS website that shows a long list of employees – I think he has a handful of guys if that and works out of his home. Sponsoring someone’s license does not mean they are working a post (keep that in mind), as his DPS file is very misleading to not only clients but employees. This company was called ESK9 ( Eagle Security K-9), yet never had a dog and is another indication that the owner clearly has no idea what he is doing and surrounds himself with morons to run his business. His vast military experience he plays on boils down to him being only an E-4 Specialist in a support MOS, no law enforcement and according to the DPS website maybe two years of licensed experience if that. I think this company could do a lot better if they tried. 

Note: PRS Admin has received an email from someone claiming to be from the company however, he/she was unable to provide proof,  as such this post remains. Keep in mind these are the opinions of viewers and covered under the freedom of expression and right to free speech- if the “owner” would like to properly identify himself, and provide proof of who he is and his position with the company, and provide factual information that these comments are inaccurate, we are more than happy to remove, edit, or delete them -but threatening a review site with a lawsuit for posting undisputed comments from your customers/employees or anyone with knowledge of your business is simply ridiculous. All businesses that receive poor reviews would love to have them all removed if they could, and that is simply not the case. We have a fair dispute process which helps businesses resolve these issues.Note to owner: Trying sending a professional email to us providing the issue you are disputing, reasons why, along with the facts and we will review it and make changes as needed -thanks PRS Admin. 


Pete Hernandez-one star rating

Payroll practices are very questionable (cash and personal checks -not good) , small time guy and very poor service.  I recommend to avoid. Like a prior review yes this company was ESK9 now out of business (same guy). I believe paying employees cash, money-orders, or checks with no deductions or taxes take out or reported is illegal (not sure but I think so). Clients would be better serviced pulling guard themselves than hiring this guy in my opinion.