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20026 Lindeman Ln, Leander, TX 78641
Shooting Range

 Michel White-one star rating

Last time I went they charged me $15.00 to shoot, then another $15.00 for a “membership card” so $30.00 to shoot at an outdoor range that is VERY restrictive. While other ranges do not charge you a “membership fee”. And even though you are in their system if you loose their card (but can prove you are the person)- they will charge you $10.00 for a replacement. Way too money hungry for me, and charging instructors too ? They lost my business. 

 T. Nealson-one star rating

They have a lot of rude staff there. The employees working behind the counter is costing them business and can’t multi-task very well. We came in with a group of six and they got all mixed up, flustered, and started to raise their voices at us.  They are not user-friendly at all and their range officers just can’t wait to run over and yell at you or place the range at a cease fire while over reacting.  Outdoor range but shoot from behind tables, no drawing from holsters and god forbid if you double tap once or “controlled pair”- they will throw you out in front of your wife and kids- while they claim safety, I claim overreaction and power trip. They truly make you feel like they are doing you a favor allowing you to shoot there. 


 Phil Silversone star rating

As a US Army Veteran and 65 years old I can tell you that I have never been treated as bad as a paying customer anywhere as I was from these clowns at Eagle Peek. I truly think they enjoy talking to customers crazy, and over charging at $15.00 to shoot and $15.00 for an ID card (thus $30.00 from each of my clients). I’m also a NRA instructor and can you believe I came with a class of 7 paying customers and Eagle Peek charged me “the instructor” $15.00 to observed and run my clients down range- even though I brought business through the front door of their business, and my clients bought ammo there- that is nuts and never seen that before. I have taken my business elsewhere to another range that does not charge instructors a fee to bring my clients to them. You wanna make a lot of money as a range ? -Then play nice with the instructors that bring business to your door step.