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2121 West Parmer Lane Suite 107, Austin, TX 78727
Firearms & Ammunition

Patrick Callebro-one star rating

First let’s point out that they don’t have more guns than “Gander Mountain, G.T.s or Cabellas and anything you find in there, you can find online btw .  I gave this store a few tries since I live off Parmer. I went in and stood there at a gun case and was not greeted or asked if I needed any help for over 10 minutes while THREE staff members sat and talked to one customer ( I think they were impressed that he was a “operator” BFD)- which btw bought nothing that day. I had cash in pocket and ready to buy some parts however, their drooling over “one” customer cost them my business that day, and I left unnoticed I will add. I came in two other times trying to have a sight put on my Springfield XD which needs a special tool and was told “only one guy can do that and he is not here”- this went on for three days (how about train another employee to do it ?) I was then told give them my phone number and that they would call me when the owner gets back to do it- never got the call (its been a month now)- Great customer service (not).  Here is the kicker, the kid that works there (which talks to much) was going to charge me $65.00 to swap out the sight on a Springfield XD 9mm (which I already bought prior elsewhere). $65.00 ??  I went to G.T. Distributors the next day, they put it one right away and only charged me $25.00 for that 10 minute job. 

 John Littlefield-two star rating

I agree with the prior post, it seems you have some immature people running that store that do not understand good business, are not gun smiths or close to being experts, and when you have Gander Mountain, Cabellas, GT Distributors, Red’s and a handful of others they might want to place some professional, well trained people with great customer service behind that counter. I did not see major deals on anything in there and surly we don’t come for the customer service, I won’t be coming back- no need to as there is nothing “Elite” about “Elite Gun store”.