Lone Star Training

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3795 Dry Creek Rd, Lockhart, TX 78644
Firearms Training & Gun Range

 Jane Phillips-one star rating

Not a big fan (sorry). Long drive out there, park in a dirt lot which if wet just gets nasty for you and your vehicle. The nearest gas station, place to eat or anything is 20 minutes away. Range- you shoot on one guys farm, you have seen them all (same thing). I for one was not impressed with their security training at all and felt like I could have gotten the same training reading OCC1702 and watching a Youtube video myself (yes, sorry- that bad). Although some guards might have liked the sham class, I wanted to learn and didn’t . Not an attack only my experience.  

 Michal Combs-two star rating

And why did my Austin based company send me to Lackhart to take a class ? Oh that’s right because they offered some type of discount or something however my company had me burn extra gas and miles on my vehicle to go there. I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure some of the topics were not out of the book. I strongly question some of the stuff the instructor put out. 

 Danny Mayes-one star rating

Hmmm, well long story short I was forced to go to training there by my employer- I think they run a nice range but I truly think they should leave the security training to someone else. Some guys are great gun guys but not everyone is a great teacher if you get my point and I have been to many classes to include L.E. and military, I feel sorry for other security officers if this is all they get.

Ronald Giddings-five star rating

I’m not a security person but I love this range and have always had a great time there. The staff is nice and treats me good, been going for years. I want to help with a 5 star .