Lone – Star Academy & Range

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Lone-Star Academy/Shooting Range (aka Mars & Stan’s)
10000 North Highway 183, Florence, TX 76527
Shooting range

 Mark Dillard-

This range has changed its name more than I change my underwear and is now known as “Lone-Star Academy” (no , not the one in Lockhart, TX). The men running it now are friendly, cleaned up the range and remodeled their office and is a place I would go again. This was a very poor and unsafe range last year, much better now and I wish them luck.

 Bob Mathews-one star rating

Last time I went ( last year ) , the range looked like crap, I was embarrassed to bring clients there. The range office had 25 cats in it and smelled like cat piss. Range is falling apart, looks unsafe, run down, etc. Steal pipes sticking out on the pistol range ? Hello what about ricochets ? What dummy places steel rail road ties behind the targets on the pistol range?   btw- yes I take my clients elsewhere now.