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7901 Cameron Rd Austin, TX 78754
Security Guard, Vehicle Patrol

Matthew Sanchez-one star rating

I wanted to be the first to say since their name is a little misleading- these guys have nothing to do with the “Official Marshal’s Office” in any city/county/state nor work for the security department of any official Marshal’s office. Frankly, I’m disappointed and angry that DPS- security board (RSD) issued this name to them as per their own regulations you cannot have a company name similar to any law enforcement agency and clearly there is the Federal US Marshals, FAA Air Marshals, along with city and county Marshals. It is no mistake they play this up on their uniforms and patrol cars , their own picture shows a guard with “Marshal” on the back -which I’m sure misleads people and love their patches and badges, another company to watch out for (smh). One star for going down the wrong path and stepping on real L.E. toes (smh).