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826 Rutland Dr, Austin, TX 78758
Security / Police Uniforms & Equipment

 Don Chandler-three star rating

I like that they got a new store location but once you walk in it is 75% warehouse and still have a tiny showroom. Where is all the quality security gear and equipment? Dust all over the displays, and often out of stock on any shoes over size 10 . No weapons there at all hurts this location when you have G.T. Distributors near by with everything. 


Markus Day-two star rating

Disappointed after the drive, might as well order everything online and from other locations. Has anyone seen their shoe department ? OMG so tiny and cluttered like the rest of the store. Not impressed after going to GTs. If it wasn’t for their set “contracts” with city/county departments- they would be out of business I’m sure. 


John Wright-three star rating

If it wasn’t for my company sending me there I would never go there. They just got there and their show room needs an update. I think they are used to automatic customers sent by employers as they clearly don’t fight for your business, and move at a snails pace- why would anyone go there unless your employer forces you – I will not understand. With security and police equipment being so expensive, I want to spend my money where I’m treated better, has a nice showroom, and better equipment.