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12710 Research Blvd., Suite 100 Austin, TX 78759
Security Guard and Patrol Services


Knott, J. –one star rating

Boy this company is really milking the fact on their website they were voted ” #1 employer” by the Austin Statesman newspaper, that “title” needs to be explored to say the least. Being voted “#1 by the Austin Statesmen where this company pays to advertise at times already places it in question. Secondly, are we to really to believe that out of all the hundreds of professional companies in Austin that Preibe security is head and shoulders above all the others and for several years in a row – come on? They don’t even do bodyguard work or have any Armed guards -yet they are the best how so? Now here is the interesting part- according to the “title” it is because their “employees” sent in votes -really? When was the contest and voting being conducted? Why were the other 300 companies in Austin not notified or invited? Who screens and verified these “employees / voters” are real and or not management voting for themselves ? Here is he best part- there are over 20 BAD reviews left by their own employees on a well known site called INDEED , also note they marked the listing as “Employer Verified” here is the link :,-Inc/reviews  and here is their YELP review page also written by employees a must read :  after reading all those you have to ask yourself how do they legitimately get “Employer of the year” ? 

Note: PSR administration has verified the links to Indeed and Yelp are accurate and current.