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6633 Hwy 290 East Suite 100Austin, TX 78723
Security Guard and Patrol Service

 John Winters-one star rating

If you want to know how it feels to impersonate a police officer, go work for this company. Stealth graphics, Red and Blue lights, sirens, air horns, in their patrol cars, traffic stops in apartment complexes lol,  guards wearing full tactic gear and vests, and often seen with shotguns in apartment complexes really ? Oh I forgot to mention they ensure their uniform patches clearly read RANGER & AGENCY but then the word “security” is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it standing right next to them (I’m sure done by design).  


Cathrene Miller-one star rating

We stopped using them on properties we managed years ago due to many complaints from residents, & guests. Very aggressive which is not needed unless your working in some government housing/ section 8 -which we are not. I’m sure they have a purpose but not worth the threat of lawsuits and complaints we received only while they were there.


D. Phillip-one star rating

Short and sweet here- go do a background check on the owner, enough said. 

 Toni Zalava-

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