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Security Guard and Patrol Service 

 Joe Requejo-two star rating

A little Inaccurate information on their website which states:

“STUDENTS: You can take Level II, Level III and Level IV and submit all levels to DPS at one time. If someone tells you different they are not telling you the truth.” 

That statement on their site requires an explanation and some clarity which I will help out here: DPS will NOT process your Level IV ( PPO Bodyguard) licenses unless you hold an “active”, and issued Level III Commission card in your pocket along with a completed MMPI exam.  So a student takes and submits the Level IV paperwork and DPS will do nothing with your packet until the Commission license has been issued, so what is the point of taking the Level IV class if this is the case before your Commission license has been issued as they will NOT process the Level IV. You want to get all the classes knocked out ?- Well there is a 90 day window on that Level IV certificate (due to firearms proficiency) so you run the risk of having the certificate be no longer valid  while waiting on your Commission license to arrive (which could take as long as a couple of months in some cases). Also if your Level II or Level III is rejected you also loose all fees you just paid for your Level IV.  I recommend take your Level II and Level III process them, and once done and back in-hand, then go get your Level IV. Training academies would love it if you exceed the 90 day window as you then have to return and pay for another class. And yes btw  I’m a licensed DPS instructor (2 stars for wrong info on a training site).

Salmi, D. –

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