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2520 S. IH 35 # 204 Austin, TX 78704
Security Training, Firearms Training, Bodyguard Training

Michael Phillips – one star rating

I’m not a guard but I wanted to share a link to a news story if possible about this company regarding a guard Lt. , that was caught on camera stealing from their client he was paid to protect. This guard in this story was a Lt. ( Lieutenant) with the company which generally means a supervisor and/or management, which is very disappointing.  According to the story the guard company would not even comment -why not ? Here is the news link thank you:    Additionally , he also shows as holding an “Instructor’s” license on the DPS website (smh)


 Tony Davidson-

Note: PSR admin- this post was removed as could not be verified after challenged.

Patrick Dunn-four star rating

I took a class there and thought it was fair for the price paid, and I would go back.

 Johnathon Mills-five star rating

We sent several of our guards there, all seemed to run smoothly with the process, never had any issues.