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17800 N. 85TH ST. Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Conductive Energy Weapons

Samuel Phillips-three star rating

Since this is a “security site” I wanted to point out that although the TASER products are great, they are way over-priced and for no reason other than a lack of great competition. A plastic stun gun should NEVER cost more than a full blown firearm . A Glock and HK is less than a brand new Taser, something is wrong there- not priced for guards, and even for L.E. officers they are overpriced for our tax dollars. I mean a plastic glorified stun gun made in China costing over $1,200.00 without ammo or a holster really ?

Susan McWilliams-two star rating

Anyone else notice that TASER removed all parts, equipment, and ammo from all local retailers, then stopped allowing online stores to sell their product? Even GT Distributors does not sell them anymore. Yes, you can only buy TASER products from TASER direct now. I guess they can keep all the profits and not give retailers a wholesale discount anymore- oh well. They are over priced but get away with it because their government clients have an endless budget from the tax payers. Good product- 2 stars for being jerks with their prices while saying they care about our safety – how so when private security cannot afford them?

Brain Fitzpatrick- three star rating

Way over priced and it should be a matter of time that some county or city oversight that reviews budgets one of these years wakes up and sees these are way over priced and for no reason. They should never be more than a top quality firearm (handgun , shotgun or rifle)- this is nuts and our tax dollars are being thrown away by police departments buying these. $1,300.00 for a Taser and then $100.00 for a holster with an additional $25.00 per round of ammo (not including S & H) ? The ammo is more than a round of .50 cal live ammo which is simply BS.