Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

Private Security Reviews .com site updates take place anywhere from 24 hours to one week. Please do not submit multiple forms if your post is not up right away.

Private Security Reviews .com posts the information provided on the business by the reviewer or guest(s), we generally will not go research each business and update their information for accuracy (such as address, website, etc).It is up to the business or another guest to submit any changes necessary.

Private Security Reviews .com  is a private site and not operated by any government organization. Like any review site,  all visitors are warned that some reviews or posts provided may not be 100% accurate in all cases. Although we provide some low level screening, some manipulated reviews do find themselves into every review site, and it is up to the viewer to evaluate each business for themselves as your experience might be completely different from a prior reviewers’ post. Private Security Reviews . com does not visit, verify review, recommend, or validate any of the posted or listed businesses in anyway, and assumes no liability for the claims or services provided by the businesses, to include reviews or remarks left by guests of our page. 

Paid advertisers on our site do not receive any special treatment or consideration whatsoever. Paid advertisers also do not have access to an account, their page listing,  and cannot add or delete comments, which adds to the legitimacy of the site, unlike other review sites. 

Business owners may not have listed their business on our site however,  any reviewer is authorized to list the business if not already done. By using our site you automatically authorize Private Security Reviews . com to mediate any dispute or claim between a business and reviewer/post, and take action that is in the best interest and consideration of: Our site, our readers, the reviewer,  and the business itself (not necessarily in that order).

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason including: A conflict of interest, caught manipulating the system, or an association with a banned business or banned reviewer. We further reserve the right to delete, or suspend a business or post if found to be providing illegal, unethical, unmoral services and practices.

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to edit, shorten, correct your review, for being too long, containing abusive language/hate speech, personally naming someone,  giving business confidential information away, spelling errors, repetitive rants or topics that go off track .

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to delete or note/tag a company listing found to be not licensed or provides false advertising or false claims on their business website. This also includes services you cannot or do not provide but advertise as such that you do.

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to delete, ban, and even note/tag on your profile any company who is caught “war-gaming” or manipulating our site for fair reviews- this includes businesses and business representatives that submit their own reviews in an effort to alter the customer experience and process ( we will make it known you did). 

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to not post any reviews (good or bad) from either a reviewer or the business if we suspect manipulation, false, suspicious posting, or attempting to harm the competition.

If a review, post, or listing is challenged by Private Security Reviews.com or the business itself, and you refuse to cooperate with the process or are unable to provide proof of your claims, your review is subject to be taken down to the benefit of the business, our site, or our readers. That being said, if you are the business and Private Security Reviews .com wishes to challenge your sudden “great and glowing” reviews you are receiving and you are unable to provide proof or refuse to cooperate with our requests- those reviews are subject to being suspended, not posted, or deleted.

Reviews left on a business that is no longer in operation, will not be deleted. Reviews left on a business that has changed ownership will not be deleted (as many do this for a “fresh start” but still operate the same)

Reviews left unchallenged for over 60 days in most cases will not be deleted, as often asking for proof from a reviewer after that time frame is often difficult to recall or provide as time increases- (This should encourage you to check this site more frequently to stay updated on your business reviews).

Posting our reviews found on Private Security Reviews .com or screenshots of them from our site to  another outlet or source is not authorized at any time (meaning don’t take our reviews and use them on your website or social media). If you want your customers to see your reviews, then please direct them to our site, ,and your page. Not only will it be a copyright violation if you do it but your company listing will be banned, and marked/noted/tagged if done.

Although Private Security Reviews .com may show your website address in your listing, it is NOT automatically linked to your business website (which provides click throughs and helps with SEO to your site). We will establish a good solid link (back-link) to your site which enables “click throughs” and helps with inbound SEO links but only with a Paid Premium listing, which also allows for a Logo placement on your page. Private Security Reviews .com also allows for Paid advertisement space on our pages, so if you want to stand out to over 300 views a day, let us know and we can get you all set up.

Private Security Reviews .com reserves the right to change or update our policies and terms of service as needed and without notice to anyone.