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7950 Anderson Square #109 Austin, TX 78757
Security Guard and Patrol Services 

Katrine W.- one star rating

I came across your site and thought you might enjoy this article. Please note the victim was unarmed and did not hit guard with his vehicle or display a weapon prior to being shot.
Top Gun guard shot 20 year old student (link):

Requejo, J-

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Zach Thomas-two star rating

I love the fact that this company waves $35,000.00 new Chargers, Cameros, and SUVs all with $2,000.00 LED light bars, and $1,000.00 worth of vehicle graphics in their guard’s face while at the same time paying them crap and on average $9.50 to $10.00/hr  to start and stating they have no budget for raises or benefits LOL -awesome.


Tommy Greyone star rating

Looking at their website, their picture of them standing at the Houston Space center next to an F18 fighter jet- what does that have to do with their guard company? They do not have an account there and they do not have an F18. On that note, how does TOP GUN security get away with using that name with the logo 99.99% is identical to the TOP GUN movie (with Tom Cruise) logo and not be in violation of copyrights with Paramount studios? I’m willing to bet they did not get permission to use that and also willing to bet the Trade Mark office would never approve such a close copy. Name a security guard company “Top Gun” and use the logo from the movie which is all about airplanes and Navy fighter pilots I just don’t get it sorry- weren’t these guys “Blue Moon Patrol” out of Houston a few years ago ?

 Bobby Mackone star rating

These guys are a joke, with their cars being nothing but smoke and mirrors for advertisement. Peal back only the 1st layer and you will find their guards are a joke, and lack training ( you can tell just talking with them for 5 minutes). What’s funny is their own employees will vent to you about their poor pay and how they are treated by their incompetent leadership =classic. Lastly, am I to understand reading their website that these losers even offer “security training” ? OMG Now that makes me afraid to walk the streets. If you cannot treat your own guys well or provide a great product (your guards) I feel you have no business training anyone period! 

 Freddrick Johnson-

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Sandra Dillard-two star rating

We were told we were going to get so many number of  patrol checks  a night for a monthly fee, seldom did that happen and we got tired of complaining. It came time for contract renewals we went elsewhere. Was not impressed, and some other reviews seem to be in line with what we observed or experienced.

 Tiffany Mc Day-

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