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10100 Reunion Place #120 San Antonio, TX 78216
Security Guard Services

David S.-one star rating

So it is “Veterans Securing America” but what veterans and from which Army or country are they implying? The name is misleading to suck clients in when this company employs 80% Iraqi and middle eastern guards at all the Travis County and State buildings no less with of course communication issues.  Their M.O. is to under cut prices to rock bottom, find guards who will work for wages equal to Burger King and don’t ask questions. You are not “secure” with Veterans Securing America -there is no way good background checks can be conducted when hiring someone from Iraqi or Iran how can you verify anything in their background-think about it. And we are placing them at County and State buildings are you crazy ? 


Thomas Leeone star rating

Worst company around hands down, don’t believe me ask any of their guards. I would be surprised if any of them could pass a “pop quiz” on the state’s laws and regulations as this company is famous for seeking out instructors that cut corners. One such instructor ( Joe R) was just reported months ago for providing a two-day Level-3 Commission class (which is 40 hours)-how is that possible in two days (exactly). Another VSA instructor was just at Red’s range August 8th (entire group I saw was in VSA uniforms)- and the instructor was not even using the required B-27 target for the firearms qualification (another report sent to DPS btw)  they used the free target which came with the lane -really? You want these guards protecting your property ?